Corporate Roadfit
RoadFit offers several customized programs designed for our corporate clientele, which stimulate and enhance team building, motivation, health, morale, and overall mental wellness. Examples of our RoadFit programs are below. Upon speaking to a member of the fitness-forward RoadFit team, you can arrange a customized program ideal for your group's needs, fitness level, and preferences.

Fast Blast
RoadFit "Fast Blast" is a 60-minute group training program where a RoadFit trainer comes to your office. Time has been short and your group hasn't had much personal time, much less the time for working out. Tell RoadFit what time works for you and offer a training session right from the office. Do you have a gym or fitness room on the office premises? Great! But if not, don't worry - we can take the group outdoors or use a bare space. No gym equipment is required for RoadFit workouts. The RoadFit outdoor training program is your solution to fitness fun. Just tell us where and when you would like the RoadFit trainer to be and we will come to you! This offers a great stress-release for your team. Plus, no time is wasted! The RoadFit trainer will meet you at your office and return you to work feeling rejuvenated well within the hour. The workout will utilize the landscape around the workplace, creating a new and ever changing program. Great for employee wellness, morale, and team bonding.

RoadFit Spa
RoadFit’s new twist to client entertainment and team incentive programs takes you and your co-workers, or your clients inside one of New York City’s hottest gyms for a customized three-hour workout. The RoadFit Team trainers will take you on a tailor made journey which begins with an exhilarating indoor cycling class where you can get your blood pumping and body moving. Next comes our signature Road Fit Strength and Endurance workout. The workout is complete after a Pilates section where you can cool down and stretch out. This three-hour workout is fine for any level. Take it at your own pace and you’ll feel great about yourself and your group by the end. And, don't worry, our trainers are well skilled in catering the group class to your abilities. Plus we are happy to customized it for your group. Want to replace the cycling with a Yoga class? No problem! There are many options to choose from. Plus, your group will also have access to the gym facilities for the rest of the day. We can even set up massages to calm those tired muscles after the workout!

Executive Program
RoadFit Corporate at it’s best. This is a one-on-one program developed and executed based on your individual health, wellness, and long-term fitness goals. At your fingertips is our Executive Team, who is comprised of the industry’s top trainers, wellness professionals, nutritionists, and chefs who, on a daily basis, work with you in the comfort of your own home. We will develop, maintain and track all aspects of your personalized program, which includes: one-on-one fitness training, nutrition and meal planning (our chefs will even prepare your meals in your own kitchen!), massage therapy, and life coaching.

Corporate Massage Services
With RoadFit's dedication to wellness and productivity, we have partnered with Laurie Towers and Physical Advantage to offer Massage Services. Provide a large space (like a conference room) and we will do relaxing and rejuvenating chair massages for your whole team. You will go back to work more productive than ever!

For more info or to book a customized event, e-mail