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Eric Von Frohlich - CEO and Founder
Debra Strougo - Director of Marketing & Business Development
RoadFit Trainers - This is our team of "all-star" group and personal trainers

Eric Von Frohlich
Eric Von Frohlich is one of the country's most sought after fitness professionals. He has been helping myriads of populations reach their fitness and weight-loss goals for more than a decade. Eric’s clients were the motivation behind the inception of RoadFit, his outdoor sports fitness program in January, 2004.

Through a step by step approach Eric helps people master their body so they can then master their life! Eric feels that a strong, healthy body is the foundation for success. The discipline required to obtain a fitness goal can be transferred to other aspects of your life as foresight towards what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. He brings a sense of motivation and enthusiasm to his clients that is unparalleled. He offers them the tools to achieve their greatest potential and then gets his fulfillment from watching their transformation.

Eric has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from overweight children to special populations like MS or prenatal to celebrities to athletes to the elderly. Eric is known for his unconditional support and ability to motivate and relate to all fitness levels. Whether an extreme athlete or a fitness novice, Eric gives you the guidance and coaching you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Eric believes that fitness should be fun and can be a part of anyone’s lifestyle. There is no bad weather, just bad clothing. No matter how little time you have, or how little gym equipment you have, there is still a workout for you. No matter how much you hate fitness there is a fitness routine that even you may enjoy. Eric tailors all of his workouts specifically to your needs and preferences. With a broad base of training in martial arts, swimming, cycling, running, team sports, and more, Eric has many tools that he can pull from his toolbox giving you the dynamic, results-oriented workout you have been looking for. Eric is certified through the East Coast Instructor Training School (ECITS), International Sport Science Association (ISSA), American Council of Exercise (ACE) as a Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.) and American Red Cross for CPR. He is also a U.S.A. Triathlon member.

Eric can currently be found teaching at Equinox, as Fitness Director of the Core Club and doing some training at Velocity in NYC. He has held seminars and workshops at the East Coast Alliance World Fitness Conferences (ECA). He has also held symposiums on Weight Loss, Equipment Design, Self Defense and Corporate Wellness, and has been published in several magazines such as Fitness, Backpacker, Cosmopolitan and Redbook and web-based health journals and news articles. He has consulted on numerous health books and has appeared on radio and television.

When Eric is not teaching or training, you can find him working out, surfing, mountain biking, training for an Ironman, or hanging out with his beautiful daughter, Isabella.

Debra Strougo
Debra is a fitness instructor born and raised in Manhattan, NY. Debra got involved in health club fitness at an early age. As a student at the Bronx High School of Science with a very long commute home, she was forced to workout at a neighborhood Manhattan gym (guess which one?) instead of participating in team sports. Debra continued that involvement as a swim instructor through college and then became a group fitness instructor when she moved back to the city after college. With a BS in Management from SUNY Binghamton and a concentration in Marketing, Debra spent a few years in a corporate marketing role in the entertainment industry. However, Debra could not get away from the teaching bug and her passion for fitness, and motivation.

After a few years doing fitness as a hobby, it naturally became more of an occupation for Debra. She began to lead outdoor workouts, special programs and even workout videos. Debra is now involved in various projects as fitness model, enthusiast or spokesperson. Debra bridges her Fitness and Marketing passions as the Director of Marketing at RoadFit and now as the Founder of Fitizens.com - a website connecting fitness professionals to consumers for the purpose of sharing advice and services in a like-minded community. She also teaches RoadFit classes. As a fitness instructor, Debra tries to bring a fitter and healthier way of life into more social settings. New Yorkers are so limited in time, and so fitness should be fun, accessible, and even social or people won’t do it! Read more about Debra at www.DebraFit.com.

RoadFit Trainers
Our trainers have at least 3 years experience in group or personal training and certification from top programs including ACE, AFAA, and/or ECITS. All trainers are CPR certified. In fitness, we aim to be goal-driven - we will work with you to set realistic goals and to achieve them! We are committed to helping you look your best, and feel your best so that you can perform your best.