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Eric Von Frohlich Join Eric Von Frohlich for empowering and life-enriching fitness!
  • Lose Weight!
  • Gain Energy!
  • Look Better!
  • Improve Your Health!
  • Have Fun!
    Whether you are a novice or an athlete, Eric will help you overcome the obstacles keeping you from getting to the next level. Sometimes we know they are there and sometimes we don't. Either way, there is no better investment than in yourself so join Eric and his talented team to achieve the best fitness of your life. Our clients attest that they've gotten to new heights working with the RoadFit team, and that is not only in fitness but in all aspects of their lives! Enjoy working out with Team RoadFit at:
  • PRIVATELY at your home, office, or outdoors
    Private, semi-private and group training available.
    No workout room is required. Anyplace, anytime, we'll use your surroundings as your gym! Come see what New Yorkers can't stop talking about!
    - Eric Von Frohlich, RoadFit Founder
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    Featured Programs The RoadFit Signature Workout Levels 2/3

    This unique athletic workout program brilliantly designed by Eric Von Frohlich will have you using urban devices for a fun-filled, results-oriented, calorie-burning workout. With a focus on strength, agility, and quickness, you will be challenged to workout like an athlete.

    Featured Class One on One & Small Group Training All Levels

    RoadFit RoadFit does one on one and small group training sessions too. Get a group of friends or colleagues together. Groups can be of varied levels. You can come to our facility, or we will take you outdoors for a results-oriented personalized workout. The RoadFit Team will challenge you to be the best athlete you can be. Testimonails "After 1.5 hours, I was DEAD. Best work-out I have ever had. And FUN. It's running, sprinting, push-ups, dips, running up hills, running steps, jumping, etc. UNREAL. Try it with me. Fun group and GREAT instructors."

    ”RoadFit is a great alternative to working out in the gym. Eric’s classes are intense and motivating. Its worth getting out of bed at 6AM for. ’
    - Angelina Grout, NYC adventure racer

    ”I was so sick of the gym that I didn't think I was going to go back. Now I found RoadFit and it has reinspired me to workout. I have even started to go back to the gym on days that I don't do RoadFit!’ - Tom Kelley, Derivatives Trader

    "Eric crams so much variety into one hour--and provides such constant creativity in his drills--that despite the agony the workout, it's over before you know it. Eric's class is fun. I may moan and groan while I'm there, but I can't get enough of it!" - Alexis Goldstein, IT Consultant